Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fond Farewell!

Today was President Gordon B. Hinckley's funeral service. L. and I gathered our children around us and told them we would be saying farewell to our beloved prophet. We then sat downa nd watched the funeral services on the BYU TV internet network live broadcast.
Last Sunday we received the news of his passing. L. gathered the family and shared the news. Then we had a special family prayer. As he said the prayer, my eyes were closed and yet I could clearly see an image of our prophet in his dark suit walking waving and smiling, and saying hellos to those along his path. Then I understood that they were all those who he served with that had passed on before him and then I saw him hug and embrace his wife. I was filled with happiness and sorrow, a bittersweet feeling.
Next I recalled vividly that earlier that very day I gave the gospel Principles lesson on Prophets and God's pattern for calling prophets. When I was teaching that lesson I distinctly thought. This is a good lesson to give when a prophet dies and another is called to that place. WOW... I was filled with awe at the timing of it. Of course it is God's timing! He knew he was calling his son home after a life of love, service and devotion. He knew that lesson needed to be given at that time! As I gave that lesson I felt so strongly to encourage everyone to gain a personal testimony and witness from God that he has called our prophet today. Now we all can take that to a new prophet as we respectfully, tearfully, with hearts full of gratitude for his life's work and great love, bid farewell to President Hinckley until we meet again.