Friday, July 31, 2009

everyting is coming up Roses!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 4th FUN

Started the day with a pancake breakfast and bike parade at the church.
the girls practiced all week riding their bikes
Lilypad even got a new bike so she could pass on her tricycle to her sis.
Pedaling is a lot harder than it looksafter that we headed to the Allred family party
with a 30's theme, we all tried to dress up

Y-m with Uncle J
MicKey in bloomers and pinafore dress sewn by her mom
Lil is wiped out from such a fun filled day
Little A strolling along in his cute suspenders
Lovely Lola setting out the delicious eats
fun table games
(loved all the quilts and sheets used for table coverings)
Tickle tiny toes on Y-m

S.B> smiling in her dress up
I love her blouse!
clothes up on the line
yep our kids played and got dirty
newly weds J & C grilling corn on the cob
super yummy!
taking the little kiddies for a wagon ride
around the mini golf coursewow men great work on the mini golf
playing in the grandparents field
the more the merrier, with family, in-laws and friends too!
We love seeing LJ's in-laws and Liberty!
Oooh Pies! Wish we had more pies.
I think I made about half a dozen pies this last week
Uncles K & J help themselves
did I mention the food was fabulous?
Here is a picture of my plate!
Best Pot luck ever!!!!!!!
after all the dinner time rain
a huge and bright Rainbow
Hey the post of gold is filled with our kiddos!