Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making Noodle Weenie

Have you heard of Noodle Weenie?
My hubby saw it on line and we thought it would so much fun for our kids!

You just take your spaghetti and stick through a portion of hot dog and
then boil like you should for the pasta brand.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

baby bump... uh I mean MOUNTAIN!

(wasn't going to post any of me but then thought that wasn't fair)
At  about 34 weeks


Gathered up my kiddies for haircuts.
Some just got trims but others wanted big changes.

Hair cuts are fun aren't they!
On the left are the before shots and the right are the after shots.

Matchy Matchy

L showing her new doll wearing matching dresses.
Made those dresses with a pattern I came up with.
Lots of fun making up patterns.

L's Little House on the Praire Birthday party

L had lots of fun at her birthday party. Her Mama had a fun getting it ready too.
We all really enjoyed the games and dressing up like we were from the old days.
You can check out her mama's blog post of it here.

As a very special present she got a doll with her favorite accessories;
Baking supplies and cupcakes!  When L grows up she wants to have a cupcake
bakery with sparkly pink cupcakes.  She is so determined to do I won't be surprised
when she does it as a grown up.

Her sister M holding up clothes pin dolls we made as an activity.