Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

The girls drew up pictures of the faces they wanted before we started actually a week or more before we even go tot do the carving!
Mickey was really excited to work on her pumpkin. I told we could as soon as the table was cleared and ready and in a few minutes it was cleared faster than any other time she's helped clean up! When I explained that we stick our hand inside to get the gooey seeds out, Leapin'Lily was totally grossed out the tiniest bit on her finger and she had to run wash it off. So Mommy got to clean out 2 pumpkins.
When we were done carving the girls said they needed rosy cheeks and some needed lipstick, so out came the paint. Then they watched for the sun to set so we could light the candles and watch them flicker in the dark.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this is HAPPY

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bridal Photo shoot

Lilygill practices being a "wedding gill" to use her words.

The head piece is from my own wedding attire and the dress is one of the flower girl dresses I sewed for Kristy and Michael's wedding.  Perfect in white and tulle, a little angelic bride.

Eight is enough... it's actually was too many for me!

My sister in law Tagged me so here goes a peek into my life?
8 TV favorites
(don't have many channels - no cable so I have limited TV access)
1-Pushing Daisies I watch online very cute!!!
2-any murder mystery is fun if it isn't too gory The Mentalist
3-and NCIS are good
4-I watch a slot of PBS cause it's great so all the Painting shows
5- cooking shows Lilypad jumps up and down and gets all excited when we watch cooking shows together
6-sewing and quilting shows
7-House (on Fox) this is way too much fun to watch for me. I have L even downloading episodes onto our Mac
8-Bones haven't seen this one because of the Baseball games on for the Series- darn those Devil Rays and Phillies!

8 things that happened yesterday...
Ummm ummmm how about 8 cool things that happened this week!
1- my sister had a baby boy!!!!!! Baby O is really cute and I adore the pictures they have posted.
2- my sister in law sent me a baby announcement for her bundle of boy cuteness.
3- I finished knitting a sweater last night.
4- I baked bread this week whole wheat with sunflower seeds 2 loaves yum
5- I made meatloaf and cheesy potatoes for dinner even though I felt really tired. It was yummy wish my kids liked it more. I thought every one loved funeral potatoes?
6- Uhhhh I am sewing up Halloween costumes and planning Lilypads
7- one for my Mc girl one for my Juju
8- sewing a maternity dress

8 favorite places to eat
-any time I eat out with L my man
-Hibachi Grill love sushi
-Red Robin
-did I mention any time I eat out with L
- any time I don't have to cook

8 things I wish for
1- to have more energy!
2- to get to do more stuff
3- to have a personal chef cooking me great dishes
4- I can eat to my hearts content and not have this pregnancy ruin the moment -no heartburn or indigestion, not to be nauseated ect.
5- did I mention more energy
6- to have the knowledge of the sex of my baby today! I hate waiting I want to sew and plan
7- I should have more.....oh that I could have the memory and strength I had a s a Sister Missionary. Boy did I feel great then!
8- build up treasures in Heaven

Okay sisters you are officially tagged

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

shout Out!

Today I was feeling very nostalgic about my Big little brother.
He's big because he is taller than I and he is the oldest of my 4 brothers.
But he is still my little brother because I was born first.
I was thinking today of all sorts of reasons why he is so very awesome and such a great guy and I just couldn't keep it to myself. So here I am blogging about him!
Since I am the big sister I can truly say I have known him all my life. Ever since we were tiny kids in California pretending to surf in our wading pool while the Beach boys played on the radio. He loved to make crazy noises and tease us. Wait he still does that ;)
We both served missions the same time. That was fun to be missionaries at the same time and write to each other from far away lands. He served in the Dominican Republic.
He has since been a very good role model for me with a strong testimony.

He was a fabulous DJ for my wedding reception too. He is sensitive when he should. He inspires me to try my best and look for ways to simplify my life. He also turned me on to some really healthy foods, since he is really into eating right.
He loves my kids and is always teasing them to confess that he is their favorite uncle. He will make a great dad when he becomes one. (just gotta find the right girl... oops I mean woman)
I have very fond memories of double dates and high school dances. I have lots of wonderful memories of hikes and swing dancing and talking really late and trying to get up to bear my testimony before you. Those were the days huh!
I wish you liked closer sometimes. Maybe when Miss Wonderful 'N-lucky comes along and you get hitched we can live closer then.
Remember when we had room down stairs and we would shout out to each other after we were in bed. It's a good thing we were down there away from all the little kids so we could have our late night deep discussions and we wouldn't wake anyone up.
Well, I suppose this is long enough, huh, don't want to embarrass you or bore you.
but hey....
I love you bro.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


We harvested potatoes and an onion from our garden. We have lots more onions out there but wanted to wait to pull up the rest.
M&M thought one looked like Mikey mouse and begged to have it be blogged about so here you have it! She took the picture of the onion (you can see me behind L)
L on Sunday put the potatoes and onion into the crock pot with a roast.
It was yummy.
He made point of telling the girls we were each eating the bounty of our hard work.
Next year we'll work harder to have an even better greater feast.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

halloween fun

My girls wanted to decorate our house for Halloween and couldn't wait for mommy to help so they took matters into their little fingers!
"we fought you wouldn't wike it den you wiked it" said Lilypad.
Our couch has a garland...
the windows and doorknobs are decorated...
the blinds needed ghosts and bats and a cloths pin holding up a painted pumpkin....
the chair needed to have BOO hung from it....
and the step stool needed the Halloween sign complete with a plush pumpkin!
Then the girls could run around saying
"Trick or Treat" carrying the plastic pumpkin buckets.
What a fun morning for them.