Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eight is enough... it's actually was too many for me!

My sister in law Tagged me so here goes a peek into my life?
8 TV favorites
(don't have many channels - no cable so I have limited TV access)
1-Pushing Daisies I watch online very cute!!!
2-any murder mystery is fun if it isn't too gory The Mentalist
3-and NCIS are good
4-I watch a slot of PBS cause it's great so all the Painting shows
5- cooking shows Lilypad jumps up and down and gets all excited when we watch cooking shows together
6-sewing and quilting shows
7-House (on Fox) this is way too much fun to watch for me. I have L even downloading episodes onto our Mac
8-Bones haven't seen this one because of the Baseball games on for the Series- darn those Devil Rays and Phillies!

8 things that happened yesterday...
Ummm ummmm how about 8 cool things that happened this week!
1- my sister had a baby boy!!!!!! Baby O is really cute and I adore the pictures they have posted.
2- my sister in law sent me a baby announcement for her bundle of boy cuteness.
3- I finished knitting a sweater last night.
4- I baked bread this week whole wheat with sunflower seeds 2 loaves yum
5- I made meatloaf and cheesy potatoes for dinner even though I felt really tired. It was yummy wish my kids liked it more. I thought every one loved funeral potatoes?
6- Uhhhh I am sewing up Halloween costumes and planning Lilypads
7- one for my Mc girl one for my Juju
8- sewing a maternity dress

8 favorite places to eat
-any time I eat out with L my man
-Hibachi Grill love sushi
-Red Robin
-did I mention any time I eat out with L
- any time I don't have to cook

8 things I wish for
1- to have more energy!
2- to get to do more stuff
3- to have a personal chef cooking me great dishes
4- I can eat to my hearts content and not have this pregnancy ruin the moment -no heartburn or indigestion, not to be nauseated ect.
5- did I mention more energy
6- to have the knowledge of the sex of my baby today! I hate waiting I want to sew and plan
7- I should have more.....oh that I could have the memory and strength I had a s a Sister Missionary. Boy did I feel great then!
8- build up treasures in Heaven

Okay sisters you are officially tagged