Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

The girls drew up pictures of the faces they wanted before we started actually a week or more before we even go tot do the carving!
Mickey was really excited to work on her pumpkin. I told we could as soon as the table was cleared and ready and in a few minutes it was cleared faster than any other time she's helped clean up! When I explained that we stick our hand inside to get the gooey seeds out, Leapin'Lily was totally grossed out the tiniest bit on her finger and she had to run wash it off. So Mommy got to clean out 2 pumpkins.
When we were done carving the girls said they needed rosy cheeks and some needed lipstick, so out came the paint. Then they watched for the sun to set so we could light the candles and watch them flicker in the dark.