Thursday, November 20, 2008

girlish song

In the back of the car Sunday our little Lark/lilypad was singing.
Listening in to the words here is what I remember

.....Christmas is coming and Santa is coming
but he-eee is not really real.
Just dressed up like Halloween but it's not Halloween.
then he tells the kids what they want for Christmas....

Her songs always make us smile!

the tree

Put a tree up.
My hubby really hates the tree or any thing up before Thanksgiving is over but to me the season starts with the the giving of thanks being the beginning of the Christ-mas~ 2 month season!
This is the kids tree with lots of snowmen, santas, not breakable green and red ornaments!
Actually the salt dough ornaments are the most breakable but they were really fun to make last year so I hope they last a while! This poor tree is crooked with being knocked down twice by my cat... uh... I mean JUJU! I wish my babes would figure out not to touch and not to try and go behind it. SIGH! It still is fun to look at even if 5 ornaments are hanging on the same branch or that it leans to the one side or that it daily has a small makeover.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby Pictures

Took the family to the clinic to see our new baby
The baby was at first facing mommy's back and so we couldn't see the face.
We saw the technician measure the head, belly, legs and arms, look for kidneys, lungs, stomach and the heart.
We saw all the 4 chambers of the heart.
We all listened to the heart beat.
Juju got bored quickly. She wanted to decorate the door with stickers.
Then later after all the measuring we got to see the face.
Then the tech took a look and we discovered this.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bobbing for apples

Trick or Treat

A wedding "gill"
Monarch" butterfly fly like a bee"
We went to my dads work for their office Trick or treat and really raked in on the treats!
I'm ready for candy!
So cute!!!
Here with auntie and uncle! They went to every cubicle. We stopped when our little feet were tired and the pregnant mommy couldn't take another either.
After that we went to the church for a big Chili cook off and ate chili of course!
They set up activities in the class rooms so we could throw darts at balloons to win a prize inside it, bob for apples (Mickey got an apple, Lilypad wouldn't get her face wet and still wanted an apple) cake walk and face painting.

Afterwards was Trunk or Treat. L got way too much candy to pass out and we have 11 bags left over! Yikes. He really didn't want to run out he said.