Monday, July 28, 2008

Move it move it!

Celebration Parade!

Hurray for the Pioneers who blazed the way before us and helped us have this great Parade!!
Pioneer princesses
looking for the next float!'s Buzzlightyear and Woody
happy to sit in the sun hoping for candy

candy land float
pioneer handcarts

I have a sucker yummy for me!
Mommy's favorite float with Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty next to a modern day hero America's defenders!
these fish are so cool!!!
I am happy to collect any candy that is throw my way or yours!
The collection of goodies!
After we had lunch with Great-grandpa Bill.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jaren and Crystal!

Jaren and Crystal are officially engaged!
wow does that boy move fast....
as soon as Crystal got back from her trip to Italy he popped the question outside the Denver Temple.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The big picture

So some wonder where we are these days....

.....this is where we are.
Here is picture from the main county road. You can see our barn and out building. We are the center cluster of buildings there. To the right is the neighbors buildings.
Welcome to the open northern plains.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Walking down Memory Lane

Baby M
Baby L
Baby J
Wow do my babies look alike.
I love the smell of a new baby!
thought you'd enjoy a trip down memory lane!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Independence Day

Already for 4th festivities in our newly sewn red and blue country chic attire!
Aren't we the cutest!
Old-fashioned Cowboys...
can't be more American!

Cowboy clown ready to be up on the "dunk tank"
every time the kiddos hit the nose on Mer's poster,
Cowboy Stinky Sam

splashed down into the pool!
all the kiddos watching Cowboy Stinky Sam splash around!
Yummy concession stand! Hot dogs, popcorn, and snow cones!
Every cowboy or cowgirl needs to ride their horse at the rodeo!
Yee Haw! Ride 'em Cowboys 'n Cowgirls!
As you could see those kiddo cow boys 'n girls were swimming before this rodeo!The cutest Cowgirl in the world!!!
Those Ring Pops went fast... I should of got more
Everyone needs a patriotic tongue!
Just chillin' with great people and yummy Pot luck dishes to eat!
This is Tin CAN Alley!
were you can shoot a can and bowl down milk cans!
Super happy boy here! he loved the bowling!
Here we have a sharp shooter....
"Hay-Tractor" rides with Grandpa!
This year I made a new picture to pose your face in!
Of course it's cowboys!
Cute Pinata by LJ!
Now we are off to the Jr High to launch Rockets!
This is a huge fun thing the boys look forward to doing!
All the brothers and husbands-brother in laws make a few to launch and re-launch!
We lost the largest of our rockets this year but it was awesome to watch his final launch to infinity and beyond!

I love my babe!
Of course we had to get the bubbles going for the little kiddos
who aren't really into Rocketry yet!

Independence Day!!!