Monday, June 30, 2008

We're not in Kansas any more!

but we were there...
Never got to the Land of Oz though,
it gives us something to shoot for next time we head to Kansas.
We loaded up the car and went! When we crossed over the Colorado border to Kansas we all called out Hello and Goodbye to the states. A tradition L started.
Then pointed out the welcome to Kansas sign. A few moments later our little-rose pipes up in the back "Dad, how do we get out of Kansas?" in a dead serious voice. We started cracking up! We'd just entered the state and she wanted to leave!

We slept in a cabin which the girls thought would be fun to live in all the time. Yeah, no way.... we swamPracticed driving a tractor
Went to the coolest park ever!
Check out this fun face!
Looking at me from inside a white barrel
I love my honey love
We also went to a museum (which had the 1st Helicopter that was patented)
and to a historic home from 1907.

Which I drooled over all the fabulous
old Victorian style moldings and bay windows,
banisters and things that aren't put into the homes today!
Plus they had lots of fabulous old antique dresses on dress forms. I love old cloths, especially old clothes with a past....
The best part was the drive...
I was able to read lots of Twilight to Louis while he drove!
He even laughed
and told me I read with different voices for the characters.
He may not be in love with the book,
but we had fun sharing it together.
He teased me about how I talked about Jacob
when we got to that bit
and wanted to know why I gagged
every time she described Edwards muscles he he!
Now we need another trip so he will beable to listen to the end!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sad devastation

Last night I did the normal routine. Watered the garden and planters boxes. Went out and scattered scratch for our 36 chickens. I say "here cluck clucks" just like on Cinderella my girls love that. They also love to grab a hand full of grass and watch them hurry to eat some. Then I
check to make sure they have enough water and feed and then go inside to feed my kids and get to bed.
Sad Devastation is nearly and understatement! This morning when we went to toss scratch out for the chickens...
the chickens are Dead, (save one and the 2 silkies we keep separate because the Cochin rooster pecked them terribly). It was like a bad movie where everyone drops dead in there tracks. I didn't want to show you the horror so the picture above isn't of my flock. We saw dog tracks in the garden and the Silkies pen was turned over with the side dented in. But only 3 of the over 30 dead chickens were visibly wounded. I think there was predator, but to rule out disease we took 2 of them to CSU to be tested. I keep wishing they were still alive. It is heart breaking. No eggs... not even alive long enough to fulfill the measure of their creation. Major bummer... boo hoo hooooo
CSU informed us that the chickens died from a disease. The dog got to them after they were dead. Unfortunately the last 3 also died the next few days later. Major bummer. Sigh....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers-Birth Day

haPpy Father's Day and HapPy biRthDay too! Love from all of us!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beautiful beautiful beut beut beut

Missy here wanted a hair cut badly!!! She had rats nests and tangles so badly that I hate to see her head and she hates to have me comb it!
So she told me to cut it off. Here she is showing me where to cut it! Right at her jaw line. It is sort of becoming a tradition to have a summer bob! We have done it 3 years in a row now. No work to style, keeps you cool and NO TANGLES!!! That my friends is the best part!
Here she is all finished up with a sweet smile. This year we went for bangs so hopefully she won't have to put a clip in it when she is reading a book. No hair in the eyes or face.


A sunny and windy day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

1st Born Thoughts...

What is is about the 1st kid that we are so mesmerized about?
Then when the next kid does it you are like okay now leave me alone I have more laundry.... or I'm posting on my blog.... Just Kidding
but really I see it from the parents around me too. They go on and on about Jonny (not a real kid by the way) and you never hear about little Meggie (also not a real kid) and parents of single kids never really stop this phase.... I admit it is taxing to me....
I know I am guilty of this too. Is it because the 1st is always into new stuff? Or do we stop noticing the stuff the rest do because we do not have the 1st time parent enthusiasm anymore?
No that is not always it because sometimes the 6th grade 1st born is still getting all sort of oohs and awes, and the 2nd grade and nursery age kiddo's aren't......
And I don't even think parent realize this....
Not that I complained as I was a 1st born and delighted to tell my family I was loved more because I was loved longest!
My mussings after midnight... I should really go to bed!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Day!

3 little munchkins sitting in the park!

We all love to slide!
here is the tall really swirly slide!
Our Jelly Bean is a fearless girl who
went up and down the slide lots!
WEE-eeeee eeeeee

Now Leapin' Lilypad
wasn't too sure of that tall one...
but the babe slide is alright!
She decided to take the tall swirly slide
and has a courageous grin!
she didn't really like it..
"too-ooo sca-wry mama!"
check out that sad face
havin' loves from mama
a few tickles and loves....
she is kinda smilin'

girls swinging
Daredevil Jellybean!
she even went down the old-fashioned metal slide
It was so tall M&M was too scared to go down it!
In all that sun we needed a cool brake!
So we collected twigs to make fairy houses!
I see a fairy in the grass!

cooling off my toes
Jellybean was ripping up grass and that is a no no...
when she was told to stop she went aways off and pouted!
It was too cute!
When we got home the 80 degree weather was too much!
So we turned on the sprinkler for a fun cool down!

"Mom, I'm gonna get you wet!"

Jellybean doesn't really think this cold water is such a fun idea!