Friday, May 30, 2008

update on my Buzz-Saw Louie

One Saturday in April my buzz-saw boy went to work.

By the afternoon he had set up an antenna system.

2 antenna an X50, and a DX-EE for high frequency.
I may have my ham radio license like he does, but he is the brains in this outfit!

What's this I see?

My buzz-saw boy brought home a tractor the other night!
A Farmall-H. He also brought home a trailer.
He really is excited about this too!
He already has plans for a post hole digger attachment and a seeder and a mower or somethings like those!
Wow, I am gonna have a back yard soon I hope!
JuJu says " a tracor, a tracor, a tracor!" and likes to watch out the window her dad driving that thing.

It is a vintage one that adds charm and apparently runs just fine.
When Buzz boy cranked it up it was a very nostalgic moment!
I totally remembered my grandpa's tractor sounding like that!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy B-DAY

Happy Birthday Lolly Pop girl!
The birthday theme was Little Mermaid.
I found a little figurine of the Little Mermaid in her pink dress....
when she gets legs to be with Prince Eric to put on top the birthday cake.
Lolly Pop with her best friend!
Playing pin the fin on Ariel!
The girls thought I was super fabulous for painting
an Ariel that was nearly like the Disney illustration.
I will admit to trying to copy a coloring book picture, just trying to draw it larger!
I t was a lot of fun to paint her with Poster paint!

All of our friends and cousins!
(at least the ones willing to be in a a picture)
We love all of you who came!
Thank you, you made it a very fun day!
Lolly Pop girl with her table of gifts before her!
What a spoiled darling!

Lovely breads from grandma to play dress up with!
She also sewed some fun dress up clothes the girls love!
New clothes!
A baby doll that giggles!
She loves it and tells everyone it is her baby alive!
At Christmas both of her sisters got Baby Alive dolls
so she has her own baby now!
An Ariel camera and purse.
She really wanted that camera and it was the least expensive gift of the bunch!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yes we are OK

This was the view out my window this morning. A thick moist cloud sitting on us while gusty winds were blowing. In fact L thought is wasn't possible to have fog and really strong winds.
I picked up Mickey from school early so I could head south to Erie. I heard the school teachers worrying about the weather. So I called L up on my cell phone to see if the weather was bad.
The trees in Ault were loosing branches and a tree fell a block away from me there. I stopped to drop off the library books.
After that I was going to drive south by Windsor to Erie. If M's teacher hadn't expressed a sincere concern for the weather I never would have called L to have him see what was going on I would have been in my car there just at the same time as a Tornado hit Windsor.

A scary Tornado touches down in Windsor.

L told me to stay at the library and wait. I stayed about an hour. Then I decided I would go home. So I turned around and went home at 12:45. The Tornado touched about a half hour or so earlier, while I was waiting at the Library rather than driving through Windsor. Close Call for sure!
I had no idea that it was so bad until I saw the news. It was really windy with walls of dirt coming across the road.
We used to live there in Windsor I know so many people there. How scary.
Now the storm has broken and the sky is clear and I have a home. Sadly some tonight can not say they have a home anymore.

This picture is from my back deck at about almost 4 pm.
the three photos in the middle are from 9news Denver and 7news Denver.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Farm Charm

Farm Charm or so I hope! I took this picture so I could brainstorm.
Then I sketched a bit to get some ideas out of my head. forgive me I colored with crayons. Not very designer worthy but they were on hand here at my house.
I think the colors will be pretty and you will be able to see the trim around the windows when they are painted cream. I am hopeful. I think it is do-able.

Here are hopeful paint swatches. I am leaning toward the Sage and the Fireweed.
The green for the body of the house and the cream is the trim. The red is the front door and the 2 out buildings: the barn and the garage.
The colors on my computer are freaky maybe not as glowing on your screen.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Field Day

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I am a Happy Helper!

Family Home Evening!
First we will open with a prayer.
Then sing Popcorn Popping
Followed by the Happy Helper Game

Draw a token with a chore or helpful item and act it out
for the family to guess (kinda like Charades with Bingo cards)
while saying:
"I am a happy helper
helping all day through
Can you guess,
what work I have to do?"

What is the Lilypad doing?
Did you guess brushing teeth?
You guessed correctly!
What is Uncle C doing?
Haven't a clue?
Here is a hint
Turn his hand and water comes out his mouth..
He is a sink with a Faucet!!!
Can you keep the water turned off?

After you have 3 chores in a row or BINGO you can pop a balloon and read a quote on working together for our family!
Like this one
"No Success can compensate for failure in the home" by President David O. McKay
or a scripture like this one
EXODUS 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

My mom made the game and used it for her primary sharing time at church. Then she shared it with us for F.H.E.
She is so crafty