Friday, May 30, 2008

update on my Buzz-Saw Louie

One Saturday in April my buzz-saw boy went to work.

By the afternoon he had set up an antenna system.

2 antenna an X50, and a DX-EE for high frequency.
I may have my ham radio license like he does, but he is the brains in this outfit!

What's this I see?

My buzz-saw boy brought home a tractor the other night!
A Farmall-H. He also brought home a trailer.
He really is excited about this too!
He already has plans for a post hole digger attachment and a seeder and a mower or somethings like those!
Wow, I am gonna have a back yard soon I hope!
JuJu says " a tracor, a tracor, a tracor!" and likes to watch out the window her dad driving that thing.

It is a vintage one that adds charm and apparently runs just fine.
When Buzz boy cranked it up it was a very nostalgic moment!
I totally remembered my grandpa's tractor sounding like that!