Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yes we are OK

This was the view out my window this morning. A thick moist cloud sitting on us while gusty winds were blowing. In fact L thought is wasn't possible to have fog and really strong winds.
I picked up Mickey from school early so I could head south to Erie. I heard the school teachers worrying about the weather. So I called L up on my cell phone to see if the weather was bad.
The trees in Ault were loosing branches and a tree fell a block away from me there. I stopped to drop off the library books.
After that I was going to drive south by Windsor to Erie. If M's teacher hadn't expressed a sincere concern for the weather I never would have called L to have him see what was going on I would have been in my car there just at the same time as a Tornado hit Windsor.

A scary Tornado touches down in Windsor.

L told me to stay at the library and wait. I stayed about an hour. Then I decided I would go home. So I turned around and went home at 12:45. The Tornado touched about a half hour or so earlier, while I was waiting at the Library rather than driving through Windsor. Close Call for sure!
I had no idea that it was so bad until I saw the news. It was really windy with walls of dirt coming across the road.
We used to live there in Windsor I know so many people there. How scary.
Now the storm has broken and the sky is clear and I have a home. Sadly some tonight can not say they have a home anymore.

This picture is from my back deck at about almost 4 pm.
the three photos in the middle are from 9news Denver and 7news Denver.


Lorajean said...

That is so lucky that you missed it! I am so happy you guys are OK! Lizzy and I prayed for you!

mer said...

freaky. I'm so happy you are all safe. I'm so sad for Windsor. I bet it's especially odd for you as you used to live there.