Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Farm Charm

Farm Charm or so I hope! I took this picture so I could brainstorm.
Then I sketched a bit to get some ideas out of my head. forgive me I colored with crayons. Not very designer worthy but they were on hand here at my house.
I think the colors will be pretty and you will be able to see the trim around the windows when they are painted cream. I am hopeful. I think it is do-able.

Here are hopeful paint swatches. I am leaning toward the Sage and the Fireweed.
The green for the body of the house and the cream is the trim. The red is the front door and the 2 out buildings: the barn and the garage.
The colors on my computer are freaky maybe not as glowing on your screen.


Andrea said...

Beautiful color choices. You definetly have an eye for design!

mer said...

love it! go with it.

Annie Carie said...

The colors will be SO pretty!!

Lorajean said...

I am loving the colors you've chosen! I also love the drawing you did to portray the new vision you have for you home. :)