Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Uncle D IS HOME!!!!

September 5th will go down in History as the day D returned from his Mission to Georgia!
Yeah! We all Love you super dee duper a lot!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ready Set GO!

Getting Back To School!

I let M help set up the area we are doing our lessons in!
She chose to set up a row of 'desks'. We have been really doing pretty good so far this year. I think that the improvement has been two things. #1 M got glasses for reading and close up work! She has trouble focusing and her eyes were working too hard! Now she can do more and less tired about it! Yea!! #2 We are confident about how everything is going. I think the first year we really took a lot of time figuring out how we approached learning and what we wanted to have our time be spent, and what we wanted to accomplish with ourselves and our learning roles!!! So far so good! Of course we are still human and we have our moments ;D

Hurray for School!