Friday, January 29, 2010

when I grow up...

In Kindergarten the other day Lil made a list
of what she wants to be when she grows up
I asked her to pick out one to draw
but she wouldn't she told me confidently she
wanted to do them all!

onthe left is her school and library
she has a little kid to be a mom
in the back on the right is her dentist table with
a pink person on it, a tooth brush with
paste, a water squirting tool and at the foot a
spit sink (very observant)
on the lower right she has a pot(which she wrote pot on)
filled with yummy oatmeal

When I asked the girls to help me make a list
of all the things I am they said
"your a MOM!"
and shouted it with glee
when I asked what else they both looked at me
with raised eyebrows
OKAY being a mom is the best job anyway
though I'd add
fashion designer/ seamstress, hair stylist, artist, cook, teacher

Now if I was only what I wanted to be at age 8
a ballerina.... hee hee hee

Saturday, January 23, 2010

10 month cutie

Little boy is already getting into stuff!
Loves to open cupboards and unload them.
Here he moved all the clothes baskets out and climbed in himself.
Super cute, yet making mama clean up all those previously folded things.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

hair Hair HAIR!!!!!

When I noticed my 3 year old with a few little shorter hairs
I thought at least its just a little bit.
Then I walked into my bathroom and found

She had taken my hair cutting shears and went to town!
Upon closer inspection the right side of her head had
a new side burn length layer

It's hard to tell int hese photos but it's stubbly above
her ear here

I gave her trim and rounded the layers around her face
but it will just have to grow out

I have it combed over here to hide it the best I can
fortunately her baby fine hair is so fly away it is hard to see it afar.
Beauty treatment...
I was planning to cut my older daughters hair and
figured today was a good day to do her hair too
She had really long hair and was begging me to cut it
so she could have no more hair pulling tangles
She was very proud to hold her pony tail and show off her cut new hair cut.

She's so cute!
she told me
"ya know mom, I still look like Lil and Juju still looks like Juju."
Good to know!

Monday, January 11, 2010

musings of a mama

being a mama is a big job
Everyone knows this...
Some days when you are picking up the same toy you picked
up 5 seconds ago the same one you picked up a million times today,
or when you see your 3 year old into something she
shouldn't be into like peanut butter up to her elbows, being a mama isn't so fun.

Well I have been pondering mothering lately.
I have always wanted to be a mama. Lately I have these
heart swelling moments. Which I adore especially since
I have suffered post pardum depression with 2 other births.

I still get frustrated for sure, yet the smell of a fresh washed baby,
or seeing a milk induced sleeping boy after nursing can cause my heart to overflow.
When my children show they love me with a smile or a hug,
I get a glimpse of joy in that moment.

Lately I have been pondering how to know how many children to have.
How many little ones should I bring to earth?
I thought about being responsible for a new life
I thought about struggles with post pardum
I thought about my baby now
I thought about expectations
I thought about sleepless nights
temper tantrums, ear infections.
I thought about children of God
grateful to come to earth
I thought of my age and how many
years I have left to have babies.
Angels from heaven to care for and teach
who teach and temper me.
My hubby and I talked and thought together

What does God have in store?
I suppose I will go by what I feel.
and I feel like being a mama some more.

Quiz time which picture of the 4 babes is which baby?

Friday, January 8, 2010

9 months

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Eve

We go to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.

After our dinner we have a little Nativity Pageant.

Here is a Shepard and her sheep.

The mother and child. (I admit it I was looking forward to this moment all my life!)

Sleepy baby.

Wise person.
After the Nativity, we opened some presents!

Gazing into each others eyes. Soo Cute!!