Friday, January 29, 2010

when I grow up...

In Kindergarten the other day Lil made a list
of what she wants to be when she grows up
I asked her to pick out one to draw
but she wouldn't she told me confidently she
wanted to do them all!

onthe left is her school and library
she has a little kid to be a mom
in the back on the right is her dentist table with
a pink person on it, a tooth brush with
paste, a water squirting tool and at the foot a
spit sink (very observant)
on the lower right she has a pot(which she wrote pot on)
filled with yummy oatmeal

When I asked the girls to help me make a list
of all the things I am they said
"your a MOM!"
and shouted it with glee
when I asked what else they both looked at me
with raised eyebrows
OKAY being a mom is the best job anyway
though I'd add
fashion designer/ seamstress, hair stylist, artist, cook, teacher

Now if I was only what I wanted to be at age 8
a ballerina.... hee hee hee