Monday, January 11, 2010

musings of a mama

being a mama is a big job
Everyone knows this...
Some days when you are picking up the same toy you picked
up 5 seconds ago the same one you picked up a million times today,
or when you see your 3 year old into something she
shouldn't be into like peanut butter up to her elbows, being a mama isn't so fun.

Well I have been pondering mothering lately.
I have always wanted to be a mama. Lately I have these
heart swelling moments. Which I adore especially since
I have suffered post pardum depression with 2 other births.

I still get frustrated for sure, yet the smell of a fresh washed baby,
or seeing a milk induced sleeping boy after nursing can cause my heart to overflow.
When my children show they love me with a smile or a hug,
I get a glimpse of joy in that moment.

Lately I have been pondering how to know how many children to have.
How many little ones should I bring to earth?
I thought about being responsible for a new life
I thought about struggles with post pardum
I thought about my baby now
I thought about expectations
I thought about sleepless nights
temper tantrums, ear infections.
I thought about children of God
grateful to come to earth
I thought of my age and how many
years I have left to have babies.
Angels from heaven to care for and teach
who teach and temper me.
My hubby and I talked and thought together

What does God have in store?
I suppose I will go by what I feel.
and I feel like being a mama some more.

Quiz time which picture of the 4 babes is which baby?


Lorajean said...

left to right top to bottom
ju ju, yum yum, lilly, mickey

mer said...

jules, ym, lils, and mickey (I didn't look and LJ's :))

D-lyn said...

you guys are awesome!

mom said...

The Lord will let you know when your family is complete (ie feelings). Enjoy!