Sunday, March 22, 2009

I came out!

I arrived March 16th at 7lb 9oz. Wow mommy sure was surprised at how big I was.

My sisters adore me!
They all love their brother!
I get lots of attention and lots of love!
Juju says my name kinda like this~ baby Yumyum

Friday, March 13, 2009

Over Heard...

Lil and Juju were playing the other day and I over heard them.
Juju had a toy chicky doll that she was putting under her shirt.
This is my baby and its gonna come out soon, she says.
No it can't come out out yet says her sister Lil.
You gotta have bed rest first.

I about died laughing....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Waiting..... please come out!

Pictures from left to right
37 weeks + 4 days
38 weeks + 3 days
my belly is pretty much holding my baby just like the picture in the office.
Hurray For that! His head is down and he is even turned in a side pose like this office poster example. His fluid levels are doing good too. Now I want to go into labor soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Version Results

Went to the hospital for a Version treatment. Since our boy being breech wasn't moving head down on his own we thought our only option was a C-section. Then the Perinatologist said to give this Version treatment a try. Our amniotic fluid was higher so it was a possibility now for us to give it a go. We went to the hospital and got to see what a delivery room looks like and try it out. We first had an ultra sound to see which way he faced and where his back and bottom where. Then they gave me a drug to relax the muscles of the uterus. After that the doctor had a nurse watch with the ultra sound as she moved him with her hands around to a head down position.
It wasn't exactly comfortable but not anywhere near being like painful labor. Then they looked at him again with the ultra sound to see what he looked like head down.
Then I was monitored for a few hours to make sure his heart rate didn't drop or need to be rescued. He was a really good trooper and kept his head down and heart rate normal.
Now they have me wearing this elastic belt to squeeze him snug. This is in the hope that he will nestle down and prepare to come out! We want his head to engage and start the dialation process so we can have a normal birth.

Thanks Dad for your faithful prayers for this very thing. Mom told me you have dedicated your faith to this very thing. Thanks.