Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Home lesson

I made this coloring page to help in my Sunbeam class
We talked about how we can help make our home a happy one.
By working together and helping.

Remember "when we're helping we're happy"

I used this for a Family night lesson too.
I talked about all the responsibilities of each family member.
Mom-make dinner, wash clothes ....
Dad-work for our lively hood, garden in the yard....
kid-go potty, pick up toys, eat their dinner...
(what ever their various responsibilities are)

Then I ask what would happen if we didn't do those things?
What if Mom didn't make dinner? dinner

Dad didn't mow our grass?
....tall grass & weeds

or the dishes where never done?
..........big mess, no spoons for breakfast

or the laundry never washed?
.......nothing to wear we start to smell

The responsibilities we have are important to make a happy home
When we all work together we can have a happy house.

I also like to point out that we do these things out of Duty and Love.
If we didn't care why do it?  But we do care and so we do these things
even if they aren't fun for us at the time.
But in the end when we stand back and see the happy home
with clean spaces and yummy dinners we feel good about our work.
When we work we are really showing LOVE!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My L brought this to me and I love it!
It amazes me.

counting my blessings