Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Day!

3 little munchkins sitting in the park!

We all love to slide!
here is the tall really swirly slide!
Our Jelly Bean is a fearless girl who
went up and down the slide lots!
WEE-eeeee eeeeee

Now Leapin' Lilypad
wasn't too sure of that tall one...
but the babe slide is alright!
She decided to take the tall swirly slide
and has a courageous grin!
she didn't really like it..
"too-ooo sca-wry mama!"
check out that sad face
havin' loves from mama
a few tickles and loves....
she is kinda smilin'

girls swinging
Daredevil Jellybean!
she even went down the old-fashioned metal slide
It was so tall M&M was too scared to go down it!
In all that sun we needed a cool brake!
So we collected twigs to make fairy houses!
I see a fairy in the grass!

cooling off my toes
Jellybean was ripping up grass and that is a no no...
when she was told to stop she went aways off and pouted!
It was too cute!
When we got home the 80 degree weather was too much!
So we turned on the sprinkler for a fun cool down!

"Mom, I'm gonna get you wet!"

Jellybean doesn't really think this cold water is such a fun idea!


Annie Carie said...

oh my goodness M-girl is looking more and more grown up, wow look at that babe, she's gonna have boy troubble.