Monday, June 30, 2008

We're not in Kansas any more!

but we were there...
Never got to the Land of Oz though,
it gives us something to shoot for next time we head to Kansas.
We loaded up the car and went! When we crossed over the Colorado border to Kansas we all called out Hello and Goodbye to the states. A tradition L started.
Then pointed out the welcome to Kansas sign. A few moments later our little-rose pipes up in the back "Dad, how do we get out of Kansas?" in a dead serious voice. We started cracking up! We'd just entered the state and she wanted to leave!

We slept in a cabin which the girls thought would be fun to live in all the time. Yeah, no way.... we swamPracticed driving a tractor
Went to the coolest park ever!
Check out this fun face!
Looking at me from inside a white barrel
I love my honey love
We also went to a museum (which had the 1st Helicopter that was patented)
and to a historic home from 1907.

Which I drooled over all the fabulous
old Victorian style moldings and bay windows,
banisters and things that aren't put into the homes today!
Plus they had lots of fabulous old antique dresses on dress forms. I love old cloths, especially old clothes with a past....
The best part was the drive...
I was able to read lots of Twilight to Louis while he drove!
He even laughed
and told me I read with different voices for the characters.
He may not be in love with the book,
but we had fun sharing it together.
He teased me about how I talked about Jacob
when we got to that bit
and wanted to know why I gagged
every time she described Edwards muscles he he!
Now we need another trip so he will beable to listen to the end!


Lorajean said...

HOW FUN! And good for you getting Louis to read it with you! or listen as a captive audience. :) once you get to the end Louis will love the intense parts.

Aaron and Reina said...

I want to know why you gagged about Edward's muscles too! :D Sounds like a FUN trip!