Thursday, November 20, 2008

the tree

Put a tree up.
My hubby really hates the tree or any thing up before Thanksgiving is over but to me the season starts with the the giving of thanks being the beginning of the Christ-mas~ 2 month season!
This is the kids tree with lots of snowmen, santas, not breakable green and red ornaments!
Actually the salt dough ornaments are the most breakable but they were really fun to make last year so I hope they last a while! This poor tree is crooked with being knocked down twice by my cat... uh... I mean JUJU! I wish my babes would figure out not to touch and not to try and go behind it. SIGH! It still is fun to look at even if 5 ornaments are hanging on the same branch or that it leans to the one side or that it daily has a small makeover.


Lorajean said...

I think all of us with two year olds have to make over our tree every hour. My tree was photographed the hour it was decorated and hasn't looked as good since.