Tuesday, October 21, 2008

shout Out!

Today I was feeling very nostalgic about my Big little brother.
He's big because he is taller than I and he is the oldest of my 4 brothers.
But he is still my little brother because I was born first.
I was thinking today of all sorts of reasons why he is so very awesome and such a great guy and I just couldn't keep it to myself. So here I am blogging about him!
Since I am the big sister I can truly say I have known him all my life. Ever since we were tiny kids in California pretending to surf in our wading pool while the Beach boys played on the radio. He loved to make crazy noises and tease us. Wait he still does that ;)
We both served missions the same time. That was fun to be missionaries at the same time and write to each other from far away lands. He served in the Dominican Republic.
He has since been a very good role model for me with a strong testimony.

He was a fabulous DJ for my wedding reception too. He is sensitive when he should. He inspires me to try my best and look for ways to simplify my life. He also turned me on to some really healthy foods, since he is really into eating right.
He loves my kids and is always teasing them to confess that he is their favorite uncle. He will make a great dad when he becomes one. (just gotta find the right girl... oops I mean woman)
I have very fond memories of double dates and high school dances. I have lots of wonderful memories of hikes and swing dancing and talking really late and trying to get up to bear my testimony before you. Those were the days huh!
I wish you liked closer sometimes. Maybe when Miss Wonderful 'N-lucky comes along and you get hitched we can live closer then.
Remember when we had room down stairs and we would shout out to each other after we were in bed. It's a good thing we were down there away from all the little kids so we could have our late night deep discussions and we wouldn't wake anyone up.
Well, I suppose this is long enough, huh, don't want to embarrass you or bore you.
but hey....
I love you bro.


Annie Carie said...

yay for the Uncle Ke-ton Boy, we love you!