Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 4th FUN

Started the day with a pancake breakfast and bike parade at the church.
the girls practiced all week riding their bikes
Lilypad even got a new bike so she could pass on her tricycle to her sis.
Pedaling is a lot harder than it looksafter that we headed to the Allred family party
with a 30's theme, we all tried to dress up

Y-m with Uncle J
MicKey in bloomers and pinafore dress sewn by her mom
Lil is wiped out from such a fun filled day
Little A strolling along in his cute suspenders
Lovely Lola setting out the delicious eats
fun table games
(loved all the quilts and sheets used for table coverings)
Tickle tiny toes on Y-m

S.B> smiling in her dress up
I love her blouse!
clothes up on the line
yep our kids played and got dirty
newly weds J & C grilling corn on the cob
super yummy!
taking the little kiddies for a wagon ride
around the mini golf coursewow men great work on the mini golf
playing in the grandparents field
the more the merrier, with family, in-laws and friends too!
We love seeing LJ's in-laws and Liberty!
Oooh Pies! Wish we had more pies.
I think I made about half a dozen pies this last week
Uncles K & J help themselves
did I mention the food was fabulous?
Here is a picture of my plate!
Best Pot luck ever!!!!!!!
after all the dinner time rain
a huge and bright Rainbow
Hey the post of gold is filled with our kiddos!


Aaron and Reina said...

SO CUTE! I've been stalking your blog, awaiting the 4th of July pics and the themed clothes. Looks like lots of fun!

Emilee said...

Hey just checking you blog but want to wish you a Happy Birthday this week! HaHa your going to be 2 years older than me for a whole day j/k, Love you all, that boy sure does look sweet! Have fun. Em

Karens Hopes said...

Just popped in to say hello and admire you photographs, the rainbow one is just stunning. I'm new to blogging so pop over and say hello if you have a moment.