Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lilypad in the Spotlight

I saw another woman's blog and she did a bit about each of her children. Then I saw another similar idea that my friend Andrea did. I thought it was really neat to have a special bit about each of your beloved children.

Lilypad~ nickname given by grandma P.
She came to earth bringing Joy and Sweetness! In fact a sweetness that I had never known before! I had no post-pardum depression and had instant love for her! What a delight and a miracle!! My peacemaker bringing Peace to my heart!
She likes to sing! Her high little voice sings songs all day! Why is it the things we love about someone can also drive us crazy. (sometimes my ears crave silence LOL)
Her favorite color was Cinderella Blue, but now it is Cinderella Yellow!
She loves her Ballet and Tap lessons. She is adorable when she performs!
She can write some of her letters and writes her name on everything! At least her version of it with all the letters out of order! But they are there! She actually added a second Y, and when I asked her she said "Becuz I lub dat ledder"
I Love her voice, baby lisp and all! I almost hope she never looses it! (but at 16 she won't like it I'm guessing)
She wants to do all that she can and be just as good and grown up as Mickey!
The other day I saw her flipping through my scriptures pretending to read them aloud. She'd say "And it came to pass" and then make up a verse about Jesus and God and turn another page and say "And it came to pass" and do it all again with a new made up verse it was totally adorable!!
I can't believe she will be turning 4 this year!! Yikes how time speeds up when you are grown!!
Little Lil, I love you!