Wednesday, February 6, 2008

JuJu in the Spot light!

She is naturally curious.

This little girl loves to seek out and find, explore, finding the adventure.
Next to that her favorite place is on my lap!
She loves to sit with her mom. Which is new to me because her older sister is so independent (from birth).
Her vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds everyday!
When she doesn't know how something works, her face is full of wonder and she will manipulate it until she can see more of figure it out.
She is loving her nursery class now that she knows we always come back for her.
Her Strawberry hair is so pretty we hope it stays that shade. But more likely she will brown out. Poor girl- but mom can help her fix that later, hee hee.
Her biggest dislike is when her siblings & cousins exclude her because she is smaller than them. This leads to huge fights. Let me tell you JuJu can pretty much hold her own!
Here is a link to some cute pictures I took of her in a outfit I made for her.