Friday, February 8, 2008

M-cat in the Spotlight!

With this darling picture you can imagine an angel!
Which does fly about from time to time.
M&M where is the mischievous grin you normally sport?
How about the grumpy pout or the stubborn stance that we see daily.
I'll do my chores only if I feel like it!!! Write my spelling words, how can you ask me to do such a thing? Your body language screams at me! What great defiance. Oh well, I guess what goes around comes around my mom would say!
Well lets just say I see those scenes too often to desire a photo op. of that!
Mickey, from birth you have wanted to do your way or no way! If I held your tiny 3 month old body in a cuddle you screamed to be turned about and released to see the world. At birth we would swaddle like they showed us at the hospital and you would fuss and squirm until you had wiggled out and were spread eagle arms and legs free of blankets, then fall blissfully asleep.
You love to play. Even at 6 months alone in your play pen you babbled and sat and entertained yourself. Gosh you can still do that!

You LOVE to Talk!!!!!!! In fact with your talk, a shreik from JuJu and lil's singing my ears really get tired I Love how you are reading better and better everyday! I love reading time with you on the couch. I suppose it is a s close to the reall mommy daughter snuggle as I can get.
I love your tea party voice with is's faux Britan accent!!!
Awe Hah! There is the Mischievous face we know!!! This is the one to watch out for!
What silly out of control idea are you hatching and which sister are you going to blame it on this time!


Amber said...

Jonathon never liked being swaddled either. Let's hope they keep their determination. They'll be less likely to follow the crowd. :)