Monday, December 31, 2007

Little Dec. Update

Hello everyone!
What a HO hO HO Holiday!
It was a great month for us! Our Tree was up as soon as possible and Starting with President Hinckley's Christmas fireside we were off to a great start!
Ju Ju screamed Lights every time she saw a Christmas light.and said ho ho hO every time she saw a santa.
Lilypad has a great little singing voice and is singing all sorts of songs. When she talked on the phone to her uncle Spence (on a mission in Brazil) she sang him I am a child of God. She adds an extra bit to her verse ~ "at home at school at play" which is from the sunbeam song. It is so adorable!! I think she sang the same version for Grandma too.
This year Mickey was finally brave enough to see the white bearded guy! The last 5 years she screamed and never go within 4 feet of the guy! So this year I got some fun photos! pictures are here! and here!
We have had tons of fun with L home for these 2 weeks! We love him so much!!!!!
The Bishop is constantly telling me every time he sees me that L. is his Hero and an all around Awesome guy as his clerk, and thank you so much for sharing your Husband with us.
Did you know that if you cross Great and Awesome you get "Grawsome"! it is a word that my mouth seems to want to say when I talk about how much they love L as clerk.
L and I went to see 1940's Radio show at the Boulder Dinner Theater! It was really good and we loved spending time alone together!!! It is rare and we were so glad to get away.
We enjoyed Christmas Eve with Mom, and having a great dinner! We love HAM!!!
Thank you for your wonderful gifts!! We all were spoiled and feel very loved!
We loved receiving all of your Christmas Greetings and Pictures!
Also wanted to Thank Mom for all the help she has been with watching the girls and letting them come over and play! We love and appreciate you so much!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! We love you!!!!!

WE wish everyone to have a wonder new year, 2008!!
Have lots of Resolutions and have lots of Success!!!
Love from all of us!