Monday, December 3, 2007

Time to be Thankful...I think

The past few weeks have just flown away haven't they?
Thanksgiving week was memorable to say the least. Too bad we lived it instead of watching it on a TV sitcom...
The girls and I went up to my folks to visit LJ and T (visiting from Logan) and my parents, Monday .
The plan was to be there till Thurday with L coming up Wed. night after work staying till Thursday afternoon,and then go to visit Mom P and everyone who had come into town. Well that was a nice plan that disappeared pretty quick.
That night/Tuesday morning, I was up all night with Ju Ju who was so sick I took her to Urgent Care to see if she was dehydrated and needed IV fluids. I was so worried because she was vomiting every half hour and progressed to to every 15 minutes! I couldn't believe how ill she looked it really freaked me out! Fortunately she wasn't that bad yet and so the Urgent Care doctor gave her a prescription, to calm her tummy. Then the following night Lil was sick which brings us to Wed. My father was an angel that week helping at 3 am a couple of nights with cleaning up soiled blankets while I gave girls baths. Lil actually made a make shift bed with her sleeping back in the tub. (no water in it of course) because we didn't want to clean up the carpet again.
Poor Cari her baby got sick and Poor LJ her baby got sick too along with her Liz . If I had crystal ball I probably would not have even gone up to my folks if I knew my kids were all going to be so sick. My mom spent nearly the whole day driving me to Urgent Care and to get prescriptions and special drinks for my baby. When I apologized for ruining the holiday she was so sweet to say she was glad she was there to help me. Hurray for MOMs!!!
Then L who was in Erie still, related that he was sick when he called and couldn't come join the rest of his kiddies and wife. I was desperate to be with him! I think when thing go wrong it is a comfort to have your spouse with you! Even though he has that gag reflex when he sees others puke. Hoping that things would be better, Thursday arrived.
Meant to be a day of thanks, members of the my family where dropping like flies with sickness. We called off the coming relatives from Boulder, Broomfield and Loveland, to prevent the spread of germs.

Poor Mom, she didn't get to have th full house for the dinner like she planned. Inspite of all the sickness I set the table with the china. so when JuJu was sick all over the dinning room floor at least the table looked Magazine lovely!
L was able to creep over to see his Mom and the rest of his family that night. (I was so jealous.) L called at 4 pm to invite us to join him in Longmont. Exhausted, I on the other hand didn't have the energy or man power to load up my car with whining and sick kids in the dark (why does it have to be so dark in the winter so early?) and was stuck there 'till first light.
Friday came and finally L and I along with the girls were all together! Well eventually...
L went and helped out Friday morning for the CU Boulder Football game. So around 3 or 4 in the afternoon the reunion came. We ordered pizza and went around the table telling what we were thankful for. Lil said she was thankful for Jesus! Yea, Lil ! He really is the most important isn't he!
We have been trying to help Ju Ju get fully recovered from her illness. It just seamed to linger on for her, nearly a week and a half.
Thank you to those who included her in your fast. She has lost weight and energy but is up and running around with her sisters pretty much back to normal. She takes 2 naps a day though, I don't mind that ;D
Though I was totally sad not to visit with fam who were here. Boo Hoo for me!
Yet in spite of it all..
I have learned some valuable things!
I absolutely Love my husband and though thick or thin and sickness and health.. I always want to be with him!
Thank goodness for washing machines!!!
Also I really value the time and energy of those who really helped me out when it was really yucky and were there for me when most others would avoid us and our version of the plague!
Thank You!
I am also thankful for Prayer and blessings! (Thank You Uncles)
I know they helped Ju Ju and me her mommy feel better!
Obviously I didn't take pictures of sick kids. These are from the Sunday after Thanksgiving!
I love my sister LJ's post on this event! Check it out!
Oh lets not forget...
I love my Hands Full, better Full than Empty!