Thursday, December 20, 2007

SANTA I just can't wait for you to come...

Our Ward Christmas Party had a special visitor! Santa-
Yeah!!! Mickey is smiling and she looks proud to be next to Santa!
Lilypad is folding her arms to be reverent for Santa!
Ju Ju is just happy she has a Candy Cane!!!

The other day my friend had the girls over while I went in for an eye exam. She had her husband on the phone and he had Santa in his car. So each of the girls got to talk to Santa.
Mickey told me "MOM we got to talk to SANTA, the really real, REAL Santa!"
Then she told me that she told Santa she wants a Baby Alive doll (curse those commercials) Lilypad wants a fish and Ju Ju wants a toy Tomato!
According to Mickey~ because she spoke to Santa her self it really, really will come true!


mer said...

oooh, the preasure's on. Better find that baby alive :)