Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy B-DAY

Happy Birthday Lolly Pop girl!
The birthday theme was Little Mermaid.
I found a little figurine of the Little Mermaid in her pink dress....
when she gets legs to be with Prince Eric to put on top the birthday cake.
Lolly Pop with her best friend!
Playing pin the fin on Ariel!
The girls thought I was super fabulous for painting
an Ariel that was nearly like the Disney illustration.
I will admit to trying to copy a coloring book picture, just trying to draw it larger!
I t was a lot of fun to paint her with Poster paint!

All of our friends and cousins!
(at least the ones willing to be in a a picture)
We love all of you who came!
Thank you, you made it a very fun day!
Lolly Pop girl with her table of gifts before her!
What a spoiled darling!

Lovely breads from grandma to play dress up with!
She also sewed some fun dress up clothes the girls love!
New clothes!
A baby doll that giggles!
She loves it and tells everyone it is her baby alive!
At Christmas both of her sisters got Baby Alive dolls
so she has her own baby now!
An Ariel camera and purse.
She really wanted that camera and it was the least expensive gift of the bunch!


Lorajean said...

Happy birthday lily pad!333333-love lizzy

Annie Carie said...

YAY for lil' Lily a big big 4 year-old!

I hope I didn't look as crabby as I felt, sorry if I did. Love you guys!