Friday, September 26, 2008

something I HATE

I hate when the weather gets colder for one main reason.
I love it for the cooler air and the changing leaves (there aren't any to see here but in other places)
but when it gets cold outside...

.....some uninvited guests come inside out of the cold!

Those guys I hate!

Today McGirl screamed and begged me to come see the mouse in the other room. Honestly I was pretty sure that it would have run away. Cause that's what they do.
Well this one was in the middle of the room in plain sight and didn't run away.

So we got a old jar and caught it. It must not be very healthy if it was just sitting there to be caught, for dad to dispose of later.

now the girls think it is a novelty to observe.

OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh grrroh-sssssss! YUCKY


Perlgirl said...

yeah I would think it was sick too if it didn't move. It's better than having them run around your living room though and hearing them eat through your walls.

mer said...

ew. I would so die.

Aaron and Reina said...

nasty. That is so gross. We've had them in our garage before but not in the far! EWWWWWW...

Miss you, my hair looks horrible, it misses you too! LOL