Friday, September 5, 2008

Appropriate for Sunday FHE

I loved this great lesson and I decided I will have to give it a try! Here's my inspiration spot Chocolate on my Cranium, check it out for more details.
Besides the great learning moment you get to eat an Ice cream Sundae!

You display various condiments BBQ sauce, Ketchup, mustard, and foods you kids like -macaroni, chips and pepperoni (my kids love pepperoni and love noodles so much they eat them dry from the bag)
ask them each if they like these things They will say yes.

Then scoop up Ice cream and ask them each which toppings they want macaroni or Ketchup ect.
"I know you like it, why don't you want it on a Sundae?"
which brings of course discussion... "so it is good for your lunch but not for your Sundae..."
What is good on a Sunday? Then talk about the Lord's day Sunday and what is good and not so good. Have labels for your toppings like prayer, church, family time, scriptures, journal writing, visiting elderly ect. on your chocolate sprinkles and various other Sundae appropriate things.
I am excited to make up pictures and make this a lesson we can do more than once.
You can combine it with working together or patience lessons that make homemade ice cream in a ziplock bag too. My kids love that lesson.
This will be so much fun!!!!


Andrea said...

I can't wait to try this with my kids! Thanks for sharing!