Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pretty faces!

She asked me for Ariel Hair.She asked for Pretty princess ponies.
She wanted curled bangs.
What pretty faces on such pretty girls.

It is amazing how angelic they are after baths and getting their hair done.
Being Sunday we have a mommy do every bodies hair schedule. Today I had special requests.
Juju was really sad after the effort to have to stay home with mama. I am on antibiotics, but still coughing and blowing my nose definitely not stuff other people want to be around, see or listen to. Eewww yuck. Especially since I am a nursery leader at church and I am with the little 18 month and 2 year old kiddos. Though they probably shared with me first, LOL.Here is the back view of my Lily girls hair.


Daphne said...

oh no, you really are sick! That's terrible! I hope you feel better soon!!!