Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Retreat!

Big smiles in front of the Logan Utah temple. It is great to be together in the House of the Lord.
It was a beautiful drive to Logan Utah!
We only had a couple of days there but it was a nice retreat!
J hadn't seen LJ's family or her since returning home from Brazil, so he was glad we were going. We drove through Wyoming through Kemmerer and around Bear Lake. The canyon between Bear lake and Logan is just breathtaking in Autumn.
I think we drove so slow that others couldn't wait to pass us ;D
Here are some of the pictures I took. They don't really do justice to God's hand in this season! Mom really was in awe of the bright Orange leaves. I suppose if you had them in your house they might look like man made faux leaves?
I was really glad to get the chance to see my sister even if it was for 3 days only! I love her and I really miss her when we are not together! We had fun visiting and playing. T, LJ, myself and J all attended the Logan Temple on Friday. That was really nice. I loved the spirit and being all together was so nice! Yea! for Grandma S who watched 5 babies for us! She gets a Celestial Medal of honor from me! They say Children are our jewels in the celestial rewards of heaven and I am totally making sure her crown is bejeweled for that service!
We watched & listened to Conference Saturday and Sunday. It seemed to me that the focus was so much on families and raising a righteous generation! Every talk was very good! I have a lot of food for thought! It was really nice to have a spiritual vacation!
How often does that happen?!!!


Lorajean said...

Thank you so much for coming to play with me Daryllyn! I loved having you come for the weekend! I miss you tons! I always love love love your visits!

Lorajean said...

Waaah it's already Thursday. You were here a week ago today and now your gone! I MISS YOU MY BIG SIS! LOTS OF LOVES!