Saturday, October 20, 2007


Okay here is the update!
L and I had our 7th anniversary Sept. 14th and we are more in love today than ever! We celebrated by going to the Dinner theater.
Mickey has had a lot of field trips for learning with our school. We went and saw the Titanic Exhibit. Very interesting and touching. We also went to a farm and learned about growing vegetables and we picked pumpkins. We also have had some play trips to the park with our school too!
Lil is pre-K, she is really learning her letters. She almost can spell Lily. So far it tis Lil and the rest is just not showing up yet! Letter L is her favorite!
Ju Ju is in nursery! She seems to love exploring and playing. Her number 1 place to be is in my lap. That is really hard for me to live with some days. She talks a lot too: mommy, daddy, eyes (this is for eyes, glasses and ears right now), nose, mouth, teeth, gum, cookie, cup, dink (drink), MINE, bum, poo poo, dinky (stinky), up up up, gamma (grandma), gampa (grandpa), peeez (please), dank oo (thank you), bebebullz (vegetables) and more words, these are just a few. I think she believes she is 3 like Lil. Right now I hear her saying cup, cup peeez! Better get her a drink.

We all love you and wish you well