Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Day at the ole Perley patch

I found this letter to my brother today and thought I'd save it on my blog.
We've moved and no longer have this life and this is a nice reminder of what we used to do.

Here is what we do each day.

******In the Morning********(usually between 6:30am and7:30 am or on your way to work is fine)
water and feed the horses
In the garage are feed bags for the horses. (I open the middle garage bay door and go in and out
through there.)
Into  a 5 gallon bucket place a full scoop from each bag of feed  Then get one scoop of any of the

 bags keep it int he scoop and take it along
dump the big bucket into a black rubber feed bucket for the horses and then dump the scoop into 

another bucket for the goats
If you take a minute to pat the horse her name is Shenandoah and her colt is Lafayette's Pride (i call 

him little pride and L calls him Oreo)
Try to love them for us
(thats my favorite part I feel connected to heaven talking to God's creatures)

fill the bunnies water bottles and feed them
The bunny food is also in the garage  I fill 2 scoops and carry it out the barn.  In each of the bunny 

cages are bowls (or a metal bread pan in the cages with lots of bunnies)
fill those up  (They only get fed once a day)

Open the chicken coop (we might have you just leave it shut....)  

Here is the deal with the chickens 
they have recently fallen prey to some fox or something.  Each night this week their number has 
fallen when we go to shut the coop door for the evening.  It sadly seems since last night that we only 
have one chicken left.  So we had 8 chickens and now we only have one.  (if he is there in the coop 
Thursday night hurray if not I think that the predator has won)

Water is a big deal for the horses.  I fill the large green bucket and a black tub to the top

We have purchased trees recently and planted some of them along our drive and in our lawn. 

Every morning we water them with the 5 gallon bucket by the front hose spigot.
Then we water the  ones not planted that are along the north and along the south side of the garage.

(L calls this watering his daily exercises because of lifting weight and walking back and forth)

We have a garden  (and it is really a mess of weeds that needs pulling and I can't even tell if plants 

have come up) but we water it.
In the back the hose is really long and goes out to the horse corral.
So we walk to the first connection and unscrew it and hook it up to the sprinkler.
I wish we had a timer for it but I usually water for an hour.

That is our morning routine and it takes about 45 minutes to do it.

*****in the Evening****** (you could do this around 7pm or if you wanted to do it on your way 

home from work that is fine)
In the evening we refill  all the water and feed the horses
Shut the coop for the chickens
and that is it for the evening.

Thank you so-oo much

We appreciate your willingness to help out.
We will be gone Thursday night through Tuesday 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hangin out at the Homestead!

A great part of summer at the Homestead isn't just the camping it is the family history
and the stories of great great Grandma Thomas homesteading through the winter without
her husband (who was working down in the valley)  and modern
conveniences in loads of snow, so they could acquire this land through the homestead act.
We love it here!
The kids love swinging on the gate and feeding horses.  I loved watching humming birds,
seeing all the beauty of  nature, taking pictures of my family, watching my hubby build a
campfire (they lifted the fire ban just in time for us) toasting marsh mallows, and eating
corn from the coals of the campfire, walking with my husband and seeing the stars.

Down by the Conejos River. I sat on a lovely old fallen tree and watched the girls 
trying to skip rocks listening to how Grandpa Lou would come and fish all summer as a boy here.

Checking out the boundaries and the marker for the mountain property. 
It's hard to see but it says 1937.

Awe my little E fell asleep on her Auntie's shoulder on our little walk.

My little girl was such a ham at the parade. here she is kickin' back to watch floats.
We are so fair I set up seats in the back of our car so we could stay out of the 
sun as much as we possibly could.

The cabins there have a meadow that was filled with wild flowers this year. 
With the mountains coming up around us I couldn't help taking lost of pictures 
of my lovely children surrounded by loveliness!

I love the old cabins and the weathered logs. They have a beauty that I couldn't resist
trying to get into my pictures.  So my son obliged me.

here we have my best/back-side lovingly photographed by my daughter.
When I told her to delete it she protested "but mom you look so-ooo Good!"
Okay maybe she knows something I don't....
(here she got me with my hears nearly closed)

I also got to enjoy the first taste of preteen personality "weirdness".
Hope you enjoyed my photo journal here.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy birthday baby girl!

My baby is one now! I can hardly believe how fast time goes by.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

LJ's and sister time!

My little sister had a baby this March!  For our Spring break we went and visited.
I got to see my new niece.  She is so tiny.  I had forgotten because babies grow so fast.
My baby 9 months is standing up and while we were there even took her first steps.
My sisters baby is a tiny 7 pounds.  A little peanut.  You really do forget.

I love getting together! Mom set up a game on the chalk board table. All the cousins had fun playing.

I love spending time with my sisters and just talking and sharing our lives together

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break!

Drove out to see my sisters!  Let my M take pictures on the way...

She had written a report about UTAH so she was excited to take pictures

I believe this is the Bountiful temple

below Check out the mountain in Brigham City

Here is the Brigham City temple closer.  It was under construction.

It was neat to see snow covered mountains.  Lately Colorado has been with out much snow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I was delighted my M cleaned her closet and organized it! 
How often does that happen? 
She even decorated her shelf there!
I love that she took great pride in doing this too!

Monday, April 9, 2012