Tuesday, February 3, 2009

J's Wedding

Our happy faces at the Denver Temple
Three lovely Flowery girls
I think Mickey is sure beautiful with her hair up in a bun.
Smiles from our Lilypad
Holding still isn't fun is it Juju! Wow check out that big belly on mama!
Everyone one who came for J's side of the family.
Pretty auntie S in her junior bridesmaid dress.


Daphne said...

it looks like it was a beautiful, beautiful wedding!!

Annie Carie said...

very good pictures!! I was so busy tracking my children I didn't get very good shots, thank goodness for christopher, with out him Kaleb would have run off.

Lorajean said...

yay I love all these photos!

my word verification was rednes! LOL I thought that was funny since you are wearing red in these photos and we're Allreds.

Sandstrom Party of 4 said...

How fun! Wish we could have been there. Your belly picture looked familiar! I had one in each of my siblings weddings...ugh ;) It's all worth it though! And you look SO cute btw