Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby face: update

Isn't this the most precious baby face you have ever seen?
I love how you can see my boys little cheek and pouty lips!

Well the bed rest is paying off. Yesterday the perinatologist told us he is growing good even though he is still measuring small. Which means he is thriving in his environment. The last few times they measured the fluid levels he has gotten higher amounts as well. Because of both of these things, they aren't afraid to let him stay in there a few more weeks. In fact the perinatologist said I should try for a manual aversion which is where they try to turn the baby from breech to a head down position. So tomorrow I will schedule that.

It is good new to hear he is progressing a growing. I am hopefull that if he can be turned I will be awake for the birth rather than under general sleeping through a c-section.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers I am sure that they helped him.
Now I just get to endure continued bed rest until he comes.


Steph said...

how exciting for you guys! hang in there!

Annie Carie said...

awesome!!! I really hope you get to be awake for the birth! I'm pryaing everything goes great!!
And that baby picture is SOOOO ADORABLE!!!

Daphne said...

Congratulations on the good baby news! I think of you and your pregnancy often!

mer said...

he's so cute! so glad to hear the news.