Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If you give a kid Cookie...Blogging Mom story by LJ

If you give a boy an ice cream sandwich..... he will grow a pirate beard.
If the boy has a cute cookie beard..... mom will ask for the camera.
If you give a mom a camera..... she will try and shoot a cute shot.
If she shoots a cute shot..... she will want to blog it.
If a mom even sits down at the computer (with the intention of it lasting a total of five minutes)..... she will inevitably stay on the computer for hours because she gets carried away!

Gosh, if we didn't have facebook and family blogs I would be a very productive person! LOL! Actually, I have to say I've been a very good girl by not staying on too long!

This story by LJ is so cute and true and I had to share it!