Saturday, January 3, 2009


Check out all those packages!
cute Girls!
Presents from our Cousins!
what she always wanted a MP3 player!
checking out a new toy mirror
How did you know I love playing with a Remote!
hamming it up for the camera
I love this picture! Seeing how much they like what you worked so hard to make them is really great! This year mama sewed dresses for new dolls!
These are like American Girls dolls, which my girls call American dolls.
As soon as they could they were dressing their dolls up.
"es sweater"
Lilypad's dreams come true...
the girl who loves cooking shows gets to cook at home now!
Life size veggies came along too.
The very best part of the day was when daddy played with us, he got on the floor to help & play this game with us and later when he got on the floor and built a farm with us out of Lincoln Logs.
Wearing new sweaters and posing in front of Grandma S's tree!