Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sneaky Sunday fun

As I spend some time this lovely day checking the blogs of my friends and family, I look over to see what the girls are doing. They were being so quiet. Here they are into a bag of mommy toys. Yes mommy has her own. These are little kitty dolls with lot so little parts so I don't share them. In fact as soon as JuJu saw that she was discovered she began to put them away. Good girl.
Then there is the priceless face of the Leaping lilypad... She had been singing in her little high pitched voice.."....Jesus and Moroni....." repeated a hundred times. But she stopped and looked at me with a face I could only read as.... so are you gonna take them away?....
As I took pictures and they soon realized I enjoyed the Peace more than the getting into off limits stuff. I know weak boundaries.


Lorajean said...

that face is so adorable, lily pad I love your song!