Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It all started when MicKey brought me a chunk of Lilypad's bang hair and reported the evil deed.
Who did It? M said Lil did it, and Lil says M did it to her. Hmmm
Then I put both of the 2 little ones in the tub and after that~ they both got hair cuts!
by MOM this time!!
J has a shortened do in back to shape her furry fuzz and hopefully it will be tame and start to fill in like grown up hair! I love her strawberry locks.

Juju's hair is so cute when she lets me style it!
Lil's hair is not as short as last spring but I was hoping to have the bangs grow away and she could show her entire cherubic face and be bang-less! While I was at it I took off about 2 inches off the bottom so she looks like she has fuller hair. She is so adorable still!
My poor girls are destined to have fine strait hair!! Hey where is that curly gene? There are a number of aunties that should share this gene with us!!!


Lorajean said...

Hurry hide all the scissors in your house! Those girls have a bad habit of playing haircut. It all turned out totally cute though.

D-lyn said...

No kidding!
This actually makes the 1 year anniversary of the bang mess last year!