Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Together

One evening as I was helping put a horse back in her corral with my husband
I was filled with such completeness.  It wasn't the task we were doing it was
that we were doing it together!  As we walked back to the house in the moonlight
it felt carefree and romantic to walk hand in hand in such a natural way.
There was no crazy teenage energy bolts or akwardness, just sweet companionship
and loving unity.

A few weeks ago my sweetie and I shared our 11th anniversary.
I am so glad we share a friendship that goes beyond the worldly norm.
I am glad we have common goals that get through the bad days.
I praise my Father in Heaven that he saw fit to bring us together, and
that we can be together forever because of his mighty power.

Don't get me wrong it is not all roses and discouragement has plagued us.
The fact remains that we want to be together and with God
nothing is impossible!


mer said...

this is a beautiful moment you shared with us. thanks. I love you Dlyn! And Louis is pretty cool too :).