Tuesday, September 21, 2010

imitaion a sincere for of flattery

I wish I had a picture that showed my kid in action!  Especially from the other day!

Well I was curled up in an afghan reading a book on the couch the other day.
When in walks my 18 month old boy. He smiled really big around his pacifier
and looked at me.  I looked at him and smiled over my book.  Then I watched
him climb up on the opposite couch, pull another afghan with all his might to
cover him.  He got just a corner of it up on the couch to go over his lap.  Then
he picked up a big book and holding it upside down lay back against the
cushions  to "read" just like me.

Wow did I ever get the hugest  bolt of LOVE shoot me right then!

He wants to be like me!