Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just One of those days....

Woke up to lots of "Mama... Maaahhhh"from my boy.
So I got him up and had to cuddle him and try to get him to drink his milk.
Lately he thinks we give him milk to make him be quiet, so he's sorta
on a milk boycott.  I ended up caressing his head and singing to him
to get him to take the milk.  Silly boy.

(What does this face say to you?)  
Then every second I have to get my little boy out of the hot water he's in
and today that was literal  He climbed up into the bathroom sink and
turned hot water onto his toes and didn't like it! (so mommy rescued him)
He also pushed the fan out of his window and mommy had to rescue him again.

To top that my middle girl is telling me she isn't well.
Around noon, she pukes.   Joy....
sigh....  She had a rash yesterday I was worried about.
Today only her face rash is really awful looking.  The rash has been all over
her torso and arms and face.
She kept asking me to check her temperature, but it only was 99 pr 99.9 so
not too high or anything.

I did lots of laundry and dishes and it didn't seem to
make a dent.
That with my kids not being well...

Thankfully my hubby brought home dinner!


Annie Carie said...

OH sadness, for the lil. Z has a feaver and feelin gyucky too.