Sunday, November 22, 2009

Through the Eyes of a child

We all have a visual picture of ourselves.
I see myself as a pre-kid size and
keep trying to fit pre-kid clothes in my closet LOL.

So the other day the girls are designing Miis on our Wii
So we are making one for me. I'm
thinking long reddish hair, green eyes
dimples, rosy cheeks or freckles
My Mii is lookin' good....

Then I hear "NOoooooo Ma-om
You HAVE to put on GLASSES
and HAVE to PICK the BUN hair
Poof I'm a Old Lady!
There you have it the truth about how I look each day...
I need to stop putting my hair up in those buns
and start wearing my contacts more LOL!


Raegan said...

That's too funny! HAHA

This is Reina, btw, signed in with Raegan's email I guess!

Annie Carie said...

LOL that was hilarious!! Oh so geat you made me laugh so hard, thanks :)