Saturday, September 19, 2009

oh........What a day....

Lets start with a nice bit
our chickens are laying eggs
here are some eggs to compare
a new little brown one a nice size white one
and then a huge double yolk on on the right
Then here are the scary stories

at first glance I didn't know why my kitchen was so warm
came home to find my water warmer a.k.a. teapot
had been left for 13 hours on the stove top with the burner on
the bottom glaze was melting and the inside of the pot was bubbled up and blackened
just really glad my house is still here

Here another scary thing
caught Juju about to step on this fellow
these are post mortem pictures ( L crushed his head)
yep its a rattle snake on the sidewalk in front of our house

This last set of pictures is just exactly why we were outside the morning of the rattle snake...

L found a really big moth
this guy was about the length of his palm
and hiw wings span was wider than his palm
don't know why he didn't fly away
maybe he was too big?
anyway.... we thought he was neat
What an exciting life


Annie Carie said...

Wow lot's of adventures for you guys!! So sad about your pretty teapot, and I'm so glad your house is still there, I'm also so glad that Juju isn't in the hospital! And I thought babes pulling the firealarm at the baptism was adding excitment to your lives, but now I'm discovering you don't need any help!

mom said...

Yikes! Talk about Little House on the Prairie experiences! So glad you are all ok.

Em said...

I think that your moth is that of the tomato hornworm means you have them in your garden and they will lay dormant till next year so try and kill as many as you can find! We found a hornworm caterpillar in the garden it was huge but we just gave it to our chickens. Oh scary about the rattlesnake, glad those pics are post.