Wednesday, May 20, 2009

..........5 things I love about Lilypad!

she has such a beautiful nature...

loves to love, give love and be loved
she is a lovely singer
singing all day long making up her own songs to fit her mood
or share her feelings or tell us what she knows
she loves when we are all together
she prefers to share her time with someone, Mommy is first choice.
she doesn't like to do things alone or be alone
She is very nurturing...
finding ways to cuddle her baby brother
swaddling her dolly and singing lullabys
she is quick to hop up and sooth the tiniest cry from Y~M
she loves to cook...
she wants to stir or pour and make our meals
she loves cooking shows all types but she does have her favorites too

happy birthday


mer said...

happy birthday little princess peepers!