Friday, April 24, 2009

Whats with the SOCKS!

Okay what is with the socks! Today as I was sorting laundry I grabbed a funny shaped sock. I opened it and took out another funny shaped sock with a hair tie keeping it closed. I removed the tie and removed another funny shaped sock with a hair tie on it. Now I was curious to see what was making the funny shape inside this sock. I removed the hair tie and find yes another sock inside with a hair tie on the end keeping it closed. I remove this tie and ta da... a red drinking straw is inside. Now why is the straw in there. Why was it protected inside a sock or rather 4 socks and various elastic hair ties? Is this straw somehow special?
Why when we have so many toys do the girls play with socks?
This has been a perplexing dilemma for me for years. Nearly 5 years, since it is Lil who does the sock stuffing at our house and the knot tying and the blanket manipulating. I think she just prefers textiles. Hmmmm I love textiles so maybe in the end she will horde fabric like her mom.